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Adventures In
Underwater Rescue

"The job nobody ever aspired to as a child.

A collection of gripping, true-life stories about the people who pioneered the underwater extension of emergency medical services.

Compelling reading for the emergency service diver and civilian alike.  This is an extremely difficult book to put down for non-fiction drama lovers.   It is a must for every every diver's library, whether sport diver or emergency service diver.

Written by Liam Rooney
Published by the California Investigative Academy
115 pages 6x9 soft cover

$15.95 U.S.

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Adventures In Underwater Rescue
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 The Golden Hour
Chapter 2 A Champion for Near-Drowning Victims
Chapter 3 The Second Pager
Chapter 4 Moonlight Oil Slick
Chapter 5 By Popular Demand
Chapter 6 Air Pocket
Chapter 7 Desert Rendezvous
Chapter 8 Local Divers
Chapter 9 Team Spirit
Chapter 10 The Ghost of Lake Mystery
Chapter  11 Worst Case Scenario
Chapter 12 The Professionals
Chapter 13 What's That Girl Doing There?
Chapter 14 Hanging Up the Hooks
Chapter 15 First On the Scene
Chapter 16 Loved Ones
Chapter 17 Home Front
Chapter 18 Tragedy at McCall
Chapter 19 Dirty Work
Chapter 20 Invisible Enemies
Chapter 21 Jagged Metal
Chapter 22 Fatal Mistakes
Chapter 23 Alligator Country
Chapter 24 Ice
Chapter 25 Air Florida
Chapter 26 The Curse at Carter Lake

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