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I Didn't Know Cops
Did Things Like That!

A delightful story about a young lad whose early impressions are molded by a lot of television watching and the psychological ploy common to many parents: "…see that policeman over there? You better be good or he’ll take you away!"

During one particular week in the lad’s life, he meets "Officer Friendly" at school, witnesses a "cop" assisting schoolmates in need, and eventually receives comfort and compassion from a police officer who comes to the lad’s aide when he finds himself in an unhappy situation.

The young boy eventually comes to his own conclusion in the matter and the results are sure to bring a smile to your lips as it tugs at your heartstrings.

Written by Eric Tackett
Illustrations by Karen Whitfield
Published by the California Investigative Academy

$5.50 U.S.   (Special Pricing/Printing for Police Departments & Schools)

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