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Emergency Service Diver

Unquestionably the most comprehensive, practical textbook on the market today. Designed as the course text for the PADI Distinctive Specialty Course "Emergency Service Diver."

This text provides information on cold water near-drowning syndrome, the most effective search patterns, rescue techniques, underwater communications, training programs, special deployment problems, underwater crime scene investigation, recruiting, funding and more.

Written by Eric Tackett
Published by the California Investigative Academy


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Table of Contents

Module 1 Introduction
- Cold Water Near-Drowning Syndrome
- The Mammalian Diving Reflex
- Immersion Hypothermia
Module 2 Team Organization
- Structure
- Incorporating
- Recruiting Dive Team Members
- Team Functions
- Funding a Dive Team
Module 3 Specialized Equipment
- Diving Equipment
- Rescue Equipment
- Salvage Equipment
Module 4 Training Programs
- Training Standards
- Levels of Training
- Continuing Training Programs
Module 5 Underwater Navigation
- Natural Navigation
- Compass Navigation
- Underwater Distance Measuring
- Taking Bearings
Module 6 Search Patterns
- The "U" Search
- The Circular Search
- The Grid Search
- Variations
Module 7 Responding to Emergencies & Special Rescue Procedures
- Communications & Information Gathering
- Determining Search Area & Boundaries
- Choosing the Proper Search Pattern- Surfacing With a Victim
- Resuscitating a Cold Water Drowning Victim
- Ending a Search
Module 8 Underwater Communications & Diver Safety
- Hand Signals
- Line Signals
- Underwater Slates
- Umbilical Electronic Communications
- Wireless Electronic Communications- In-Water Safety
- Diver Control
- Boating Safety