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Emergency Service Diver - Instructor's Guide

This guide was developed by a PADI Master Instructor for use in training police divers for the Washington State Department of Emergency Services. The training was received by emergency service divers from multiple EMS and law enforcement agencies across Southwest Washington.

A PADI Distinctive Specialty Certification was authorized for students completing the course and a Specialty Instructor's Certification can be obtained from PADI using the Instructor's Certification Guide available separately from the California Investigative Academy.

This course and the Guide was designed to be used in conjunction with the training textbook "Emergency Service Diver - A Training Manual for Police & Rescue Divers", published by the California Investigative Academy.

The Instructor's Guide book provides detailed information on course standards, requirements & prerequisites, equipment requirements, certification requirements, course schedule, academic modules, open water training modules, outlines, written test for students, and detailed appendix.

Instructions and assistance are available separately for PADI Instructors wishing to obtain a Distinctive Specialty Instructor's rating in underwater crime scene investigation. With this rating, a qualified PADI instructor can certify students in this specialty.

Written by Eric Tackett
Published by the California Investigative Academy

$29.95 - Comb bound softcover 132 pages

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Table of Contents

PADI Course Standards & Requirements
Course Prerequisites
Student/Instructor Equipment Requirements
Open Water Training Considerations
Certification Requirements
Course Schedule
The Academic Modules
The Open Water Training Modules
Appendix (includes diagrams of search patterns etc.)
Final Written Test - Master Copy
Text Only Version of the Emergency Service Diver Manual