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A Guide to Incorporating as a Non-Profit, Tax Exempt Organization
for Emergency Service Dive Teams

This text provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to incorporating the emergency service dive team (or any organization) and then gaining tax exempt status with the IRS.

Information is presented in simple terms, with easy to follow examples, using completed sample IRS forms. Documents for incorporating, samples of necessary attachment and a full set of IRS forms are included, along with everything else you need to incorporate and gain non-profit status.

The guide also includes detailed information on

  • How organize and execute successful fund raising events
  • Where and how to obtain grant money
  • How to write a grant proposal
  • And more

You get both printed version and the entire text and all documentation on CD, as well.

Written by Eric Tackett
Published by the California Investigative Academy


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Incorporating as a Non-Profit Organization
  • Drafting the articles of incorporation
  • Filing the articles
  • Checklist for filing the articles
  • Sample articles of incorporation
  • Alphabetical listing of Secretaries of State
Chapter 2 Gaining Tax Exempt Status
  • Qualification Requirements
  • Required forms/documentation
  • Filling out form 1023
  • Application checklist
  • IRS key district office address list
  • Sample budget attachment
  • Description of proposed operations attachment
  • Statement of proposed funding sources attachment
  • Statement of membership requirements
  • Sample recruitment flyer
  • Sample by-laws
Chapter 3 Fund Raising Events
  • Deciding what avenues to use
  • Fund raising methods
  • Direct mail campaign
  • Special events
  • Entertainment
Chapter 4 Government Grants
  • Information Sources
  • Grant applications
  • Reporting
  • Grant payments
Chapter 5 Corporate Grants
  • Research
  • Establishing corporate contacts
  • Preparing the formal proposal
  • Addendum
Appendix Appendix
  • Sample documents
  • Blank articles of incorporation
  • Sample IRS forms (completed)
  • Full 1023 package (blank IRS forms)