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SRT Diver

A comprehensive text covering every conceivable aspect of diving for a Special Response Team. 

With 360 pages and over 300 photographs, this book includes information on numerous aspects of standard scuba operations, surface supplied air diving, para-rescue, haz-mat diving, helicopter deployment, fixed wing aircraft operations, explosives search & disposal, underwater assault and other areas too numerous to mention. There is not another work like it anywhere.


Written by Mark V. Lonsdale
Published by the Special Tactical Training Unit
Distributed by the California Investigative Academy


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 The Role of the SRT Diver
Chapter 2 The Diving Team
Chapter 3 Team Training
Chapter 4 SRT Diving and Equipment
Chapter 5 Surface Supplied Diving
Chapter 6 Surface Supplied Diving Procedure
Chapter 7 Haz-Mat Diving
Chapter 8 Support Equipment
Chapter 9 Equipment Maintenance
Chapter 10 Rigging & Lifts
Chapter 11 Photography & Video
Chapter 12 By Land & Sea
Chapter 13 By Air - Helicopters
Chapter 14 Fixed Wing Aircraft
Chapter 15 SAR Operations
Chapter 16 Aquatic Rescue
Chapter 17 Dive Rescue Procedures
Chapter 18 Underwater Search Methods
Chapter 19 Penetration Dives
Chapter 20 Investigation & Recovery
Chapter 21 Tactical Operations
Chapter 22 Basic Training
Chapter 23 Equipment Selection
Chapter 24 Closed Circuit Breating Apparatus
Chapter 25 Tactical Principles
Chapter 26 Intelligence Operations
Chapter 27 Underwater Search
Chapter 28 Assaults


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