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Investigating Staged
Traffic Accidents

This training manual provides the most effective investigative protocol for exposing and defeating fraudulent claims arising from staged or set up auto accidents in use anywhere.  Using the investigative strategies laid out in this manual, one Southern California claims office saved a half million dollars a month in suspect auto accident claims in one claims office.

Written by Eric Tackett
Published by the California Investigative Academy
Comb bound Soft Cover


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This manual will teach you:

  • How to identify suspect claims in one minute or less, from the medical specials alone.

  • How to use the claimant interview to set claimants up for unbeatable medical audit investigations.

  • How to conduct a proper vehicle examination and record the best photographic evidence of a staged auto accident.

  • What the damage tells you about how the accident happened - or didn't happen.

  • How the laws of physics affect vehicle and occupant movement. What injuries are likely and which are not.

  • How to deal with attorneys and legal assistants and how to get "drop letters" early in the investigation of staged accident claims.

  • And more



Investigating Staged Traffic Accidents
Table of Contents

Module 1 Identifying Suspect Claims -
"The One Minute Fraud Expert"
Module 2 Scams, Schemes & Scoundrels -
"Who's Screwing the Insurance Companies and How They're Doing It"
Module 3 Investigative Options -
"You Can't Tell Which Way the Train Went by Looking at the Track"
Module 4 Claimant Statements -
I Know You Think You Understood What You Thought I Said..."
Module 5 Examination & Evaluation of Vehicle Damage Patterns -
"What Happened and What Didn't"
Module 6 Introduction to the Medical Audit Investigation -
"The Most Powerful Tool in the Fight Against Insurance Fraud"
Module 7 Putting It All Together -
"Investigating with Litigation In Mind"
Module 8 Referring Cases For Prosecution -
"You Hook 'em and We Book 'em"

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