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Underwater Crime Scene Investigation
Organizing, Training & Equipping the Dive Team on a Budget

The first book of its kind to provide comprehensive training open water course instruction, this work is the official course text for a PADI approved Distinctive Specialty course. The text has also been used by law enforcement divers throughout the U.S. and the world.

The book provides detailed information on organizing, training and specialized equipment, as well as establishing and protecting crime scene boundaries, underwater navigation, search patterns, light salvage technique, locating, preserving and processing evidence recovered from underwater.

Guidelines are provided in processing boats, planes and submerged autos, underwater crime scene sketches, photography and more.

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Written by Eric Tackett
Illustrations by Karen Whitfield
Published by the California Investigative Academy
142 pages softcover


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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Team
Chapter 2 Equipment
Chapter 3 Areas, Conditions & Hazards
Chapter 4 Establishing Crime Scene Boundaries
Chapter 5 Underwater Navigation
Chapter 6 Search Patterns
Chapter 7 Light Salvage Technique
Chapter 8 Evidence
Chapter 9 Marking, Packing and Transporting
Chapter 10 Boats, Planes & Automobiles
Chapter 11 Photography & Crime Scene Sketches
Chapter 12 Diver Safety
Chapter 13 Underwater Communications
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