Click on anyone of the links below for the course syllabus. Each course has one or more modules, each taking about one hour to complete. Those courses that have been approved for CE or MCLE credits count for one hour of credit per module.  
Introductory to Intermediate Classes                       (Single Module Presentations)
Intro to Dental Fraud Intro to Disability Fraud Intro to Healthcare Fraud Intro to Life Claim Fraud
Intro to Managed Care Fraud Intro to Medical Audits One Minute Fraud Expert Intro to Property Fraud
Introduction to SIU Investigating by Computer Intro to Auto B/I Fraud Intro to Work Comp Fraud
Interviewing & Statements CPT 101 - Billing Fraud Cross Lines Fraud Connection Reserved

Intermediate to Advanced Classes                                        (Multi-module Presentations)

Auto Theft/Arson Chiropractic Fraud Dental Fraud Disability Fraud
Healthcare Fraud Life Claim Fraud Managed Care Fraud Medical Audit Investigations
Property Fraud Provider Fraud SIU Specialist Staged Auto Accidents
Work Comp Fraud Reserved Reserved Reserved

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